Reason SDK & Cloud API Solutions

Reason’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Cloud APIs allow your company to integrate an anti-virus & anti-malware solution into your software, hardware or web-based platform. They provide comprehensive protection from all types of internet threats, including viruses, ransomware, malware, adware, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) trojans, worms, spyware, and other malware intrusions.

Reason SDK overview

Our SDK provides both scanning and real-time protection technology,
and is a transparent and easy-to-integrate solution that gives you to access many of Reason's security technologies. The Reason SDK has an extremely lightweight footprint, and as a developer, you’ll have full control and flexibility over how the elements are implemented, including threat detection, disabling, removal and more.

Flexible SDK Solutions

Basic Reason SDK
  • Ready-to-use UI scanner
  • Comprehensive, real-time protection
  • Seamless integration and transparency
Advanced Reason SDK
  • Powerful network driver
  • Always on, real-time protection driver
  • Blacklist and whitelist management
You can implement Reason SDK “as is”, or use a smaller, lighter client that will focus on one or more of the following abilities:
Provides an immediate sample verdict.
Classifies unknown malware samples by using deep behavior analysis.
Delivers seamless integration.

Designed for security-oriented Software and OEMS

OEMs that have experience with integrating security technologies and already have an existing security architecture or a framework for a new security technology
Windows security software such as new or existing anti-virus and anti-malware products.

Reason Cloud API overview

Reason’s cloud API provides companies with the ability to integrate services for protecting users from viruses and malware via distributed and flexible architecture and an implementation method based on open standard web protocols that can be used in any kind of solution, including desktop/mobile applications, network-filtering software, and gateways

Immediate and Extant Database Access

With the Reason Cloud API, you can filter malicious URLs, prevent spam and phishing attacks, and identify any online threat, from viruses and ransom software, to any type of malware, before it reaches a device.
Simply call our cloud APIs using modern web protocols and instantly design the protection you want. Our cloud API empowers OEMs to provide the level of protection they want by using our massive breadth of data and analysis.

Designed for Security-Savvy Businesses and Solutions

Software that installs additional external components.
Gateways and proxies
Web browser extensions (URL and file blocking)
Email and spam filters
Security researchers and organizations
Organizations offering enhanced security

The Reason Advantage

A top-notch, multi-layered security model
A rich and varied set of client and server-side functionality
Native libraries to accelerate the development process
Lightweight footprint - requires minimal system resources
Simple and easy integration process
Provides full and flexible control to developers

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